William Lieb Sculpture


Growing up in his father’s woodworking shop in Spirit Lake, Iowa, Bill Lieb developed an early interest in building things. This later led to a degree in architecture from Iowa State University where he met his future wife, Jane. Following graduation they married and settled in Colorado Springs where their two sons soon arrived.

Bill joined a small architectural firm as a designer and he grew with the firm. Twenty years later he was chief designer, senior project architect, principal, and president of what had become one of the largest and most respected architectural firms in Colorado. His inspiring designs had won local, state, regional, national, and international recognition for design excellence.

With their boys out of college and following a life-long passion for sailing, Bill retired from his architectural firm and, with Jane as first-mate, began an unforgettable five-year journey. Their tiny sailboat would carry them cruising from San Diego, down the Pacific coast of Mexico and Central America, through the Panama Canal, and up the Caribbean to Florida. What a wonderful adventure it was.

Aging parents brought the couple back to the Iowa Great Lakes area. Creative urges still prevailed, however, and they began another journey, this time one of designing and building from the ground up their retirement home on the lake. As this project reached completion, Bill renewed his interest in sculpture and has completed over 200 works in plastics, woods and metals. His large, outdoor, kinetic, public constructions now enhance six northwest Iowa communities.